In the year i've owned my Treo, i've "dropped calls" - but like it's just "gone away". In the last 2 weeks, i'm dropping them with a "dropped call" message showing on the phone.

Today, I had no signal after it happened - i had to turn the phone off/on to get a signal, and it wasn't that great when i got it.

I've never had issues before like this - would it be indicative of a problem with the phone, or just bad service/tower?

I'm on Verizon, about 3 miles from the tower they put up in their parking lot (seriously, they opened and there is portable type tower there?!?!). But overall i've had great service here at the house.

I guess I need to pencil a trip into the store and see what they say about service (and what the heck that tower is in the parking lot! LOL!)....

Add in the sync cable issue - i'm getting ticked