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    All the threads i found that addressed this issue were old so I'll just start a new one...

    Is there a bluetooth headset(single ear) that will play 755p audio? This would really be nice for my line of work... Let me know... I'd be just about willing to pay anything...
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    Does no one really know the answer???
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    There is a stereo headset that can be used with only one side of it. they connect to each other with a wire. However the headset would require that the treo 755 speaks A2DP and it doesn't. Softick attempted to make it work with the 755 but it doesn't switch to phone calls.
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    Thanks a Bunch! Is this somthing that may be coming soon?
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    I wouldn't count on it. I think like two people said it worked well enough on their 755 so Softick called it a version and doesn't appear to think it needs any work. I really doubt that palm will update the 755 to have this functionality.

    If you don't need the phone part, Softick Audio Gateway might work ok for you.

    If you do need the phone part, you can but on of those Bluetooth adapters that add BlueTooth to non BT phones and use it with any BT headset you like. The Treo sees it as a wired headset and sends all Audio thru it.

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