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    Hi all, Would someone have a solution to a problem I have just started to receive on my Palm 650 for Sprint. When the phone is just idle, it keeps trying to hot sync. (and it is not connected to my computer) I just got it used from a friend. Are there software updates or is this a common problem? Please advise, it keeps running my battery down overnight when it keeps trying to Hotsync. Thanks in advance...Don
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    The problem you are presently experiencing is a cause of the connector on the bottom of the phone thinking it has been asked to perform a hotsync.

    I had this error when I tried to teach my phone to swim!

    My solution was to unsolder the connector (a very drastic solution) but at least it now works.

    The downside?

    I can't hotsync! for me that's no problem when I backup with an SD card.

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