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    I absolutely despise VersaMail, and I absolutely love Chatter.

    I've recently started with a company who uses Exchange for e-mail/calendar/etc and I want to be able to receive my email, and calendar updates.

    I currently have VersaMail handling those, but I think it's doing a horrible job. Often errors out for no particular reason, and when it finally does Sync, it does so in unpredictable ways. That said, this isn't really my problem.

    I have Chatter set up to receive my exchange e-mail without a problem, and I'd love to keep doing that. But I also want my calendar to remain updated.

    I haven't found (google + TreoCentral Forum searches) a way to go about syncing only an Exchange calendar, or of getting the EXplugin for Chatter to sync the calendar.

    Any advice? I can't be the only one looking for this!

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    The Ex plugin doesn't sync calendars. It allows Chatter to sync with Exchange servers. I use Chatter for push Exchange email, and have Versamail set to sync only calendar and contacts every couple of hours. Works fine. Just go to the Exchange set-up in Versamail (Options, preferences, Autosync) and you can tell it to just sync calendar if that's all you want.
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    Ah, good point, I was trying to have VersaMail only sync my Calendar, and if you have it set to sync "as items arrive" you can only do all, or nothing. If, as you state, you choose a schedule of "every couple hours" you can pick and choose.

    Thanks for the advice,

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    Yes, I'm doing the EXACT same thing as DAVIDRA. Working fine!
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