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    I'm so fed up with the 700P that I'm about to buy a 700WX?

    What do you guys think? How is the 700WX?
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    If you use chatter, you will miss it on the the WinMob platform. Otherwise, all I can say is the 700wx "just plain works." There's so little drama, it's almost boring. Add SPB Mobile shell and you have a reliable, productive, elegant environment.
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    I just got off the phone with Verizon. I bought the 700WX.

    Time to eBay this piece of **** 700P.

    I use Mundu, I think I can transfer the license.
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    Couple of possible drawbacks going from the 700p to 700wx:

    -Only a 240x240 LCD instead of 320x320
    -No SDHC support (yet).

    In going from the 700p to the 700wx, you will gain functional Vista support as well as A2DP support , at least with the 1.22 ROM version on the Verizon 700w/wx (no word on a Sprint release yet AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK).
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    What's SDHC?

    What's A2DP?

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    SDHC is 4GB+ SD cards. A2DP is for using a BlueTooth headset to listen to music (IIRC).
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    Over the weekend, I went to the Sprint store complaining about my 700p. Luckily the technician was someone i knew, so he offered to exchange for Mogul, 700wx, or 755p. I have tried the 6800 before and really hated the form factor as i prefer one-handed operation. so it was just down between Treos. He told me that the 755p have been returned more times than the 700wx. Most of 700wx issues were more user error. So i got the 700wx.

    So far I've liked it. I do miss the simplicity of the Palm OS. I especially miss the dialpad and takephone. But beyond that, the capabilities of WM5 OS are powerful and easily customizable. I think, in time, i'll enjoy this phone a lot better than my Treo700p.

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