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    There are a number of files in the GoodLink directory on my 4.9.x installation that I was wondering if I can remove/rename to get the software doing what I want..

    Basically, I only want the e-mail side of things.. can I therefore delete:
    and how about disabling autostart? Is there something I can delete or rename so that I can just start it manually..even if it means having to rename a file or move it each time..?

    I may have a play and report back. If anyone else knows better, please let me know.

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    From my experience, no you cannot delete parts of goodlink, it screws up the whole program.

    Depending on your phone there are tricks to override the goodlink contacts. Not sure about calendar.

    I've also seen hacks to not make goodlink autostart. Just have to do some googling. I would not recommend it, chances are you will crash the install of goodlink.

    My 2 cents..
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    I've actually renamed the contacts and the calendar files without any problems. They were just irritating me.

    Now I just need to customize my homescreen (doesn't seem to be an XML file anymore in Windows Mobile 5.0 unless I've missed something) to link the shortcuts back to the native calendar and contacts..

    Then I will have mobile messaging with the native contacts/calendar/notes/etc. which is just what I wanted in the first place.

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