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    I was just wondering if everyone could chime in and let me know if u use any of these programs, i want to double check the compatability of the software prior to moving from the treo 700p to the treo 755, is all your software working fine on your 755?

    programs i use:
    chattermail v3.08
    2day v1.51
    2dial v1.09
    4cast v1.70
    4stocks v1.21
    lightwav v2.1
    takephone v7.00
    treomemo v1.199
    datebk6 v6.1a
    treo launcher v1.5b2
    AppLock v1.02
    Butler v4.21
    Phone Technician v2.90
    Card Reader v1.06p10
    Card Keeper v1.3.1
    Northglide cleanup v4.00, uninstall manager v3.11, undo v1.02
    crashpro v2.27
    skinner v3.4
    Dir Assist v3.31
    Resco backup v2.01.2
    resco explorer v3.10.04
    filez v6.83
    hi-launcher v3.3
    sub-launcher v1.0t
    accessorize v0.91
    keygtime+ v5.2-beta6
    KeyGuardExt v1.1
    Linkstart v2.3
    mlights v3.7.1
    onguard v1.08
    reset doctor v1.82
    screenshot5 v2.4
    SMS PicID v1.0
    Volume Care v6.07
    TomTom v6.10
    HiLighter v1.5.2
    SplashID v4.02
    YAHM v2.5.113
    TreoKeyHack v0.5.3

    to check u can go to default launcher screen/menu/info

    then select version tab to check all programs and versions

    i will bold the apps which seem to work fine on peoples treo 755
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    im using volume care, 2day and treo memo they are working fine on my treo.
    butler seems to have an issue . when i put ringcare on i get this weird behavior. the treo will power on then off.
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
    Bug me , zlauncher , Treo memo, Volume care pro, Backupman , Takephone,Agendus, 2day, Holidates, lex spell, Bdictionary, Mundu, Adrian Money ,Genius, Callblock,minitones,Pocket Tunes Deluxe, doc2go,Timesheet, bible reader,Checkers sea War,Hot reverse ,sudoku and Black jack (All games are on my sd card) , Yaps and crytex, safeguard
    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card
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    Suddenly, Undo 1.02 stopped working for me. It just sits at a white screen...I've even done a hard reset to no avail.

    Otherwise, 4cast v1.70, takephone v7.00, Card Reader v1.06p10, Filez, Dir Assist v3.31, work fine.
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    I use DA, FileZ, and SplashID.

    I installed RescoExplorer but havent played with it much. People don't seem to have any problems with it.

    OnGuard caused me tons of problems. They released a new version that is supposed to correct it, but I haven't installed it yet.
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    Oops, forgot these. Uninstall Manager works, so does RescoExplorer.
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    Chattermail is fine. Except the LED turns a solid green when new mail arrives. I was able to make the 700p turn orange or red (since it no longer blinked like the 650).
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    Current "essential" programs: Chatter, 2day, TakePhone, SplashID, PalmPDF, 4Cast, DA, GoogleMaps, BackupMan, PowerHero, KeyCaps, LudusP, mSafe, TextPlus, VolumeCare, ePocrates, zLauncher.
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    NG Undo works, I think I have an mSD problem that prevents NG from writing to the card.
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    Does anyone know if TomTom works? I am also looking to make the switch but that's a big issue for me.
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    HiLauncher and Accessorize work fine for me.

    TomTom 6+ version does work on the 755P from what I understand but I'm not personally using it.
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    TomTom v6.10

    i couldnt get to work ...?

    need version 6.30 for treo 755
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    are we sure that NG undo works on the treo 755

    when i go to restore tab, i get a white screen and phone freezes, have to reset
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    Drop the developer an email, he is exceedingly great at responding and fixing problems.


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    are we sure that NG undo works on the treo 755

    when i go to restore tab, i get a white screen and phone freezes, have to reset

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