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    I'm a new Treo owner and I have 3 different contact lists I need to merge. They are:

    Treo (transferred at time of purchase from old cell phone)

    What is the best way to merge these lists? Should I move them all to outlook and then synch with the Treo?

    Looking for ideas.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    If you can get them all into .csv format (Comma Separated Values), then import to Outlook and then Hotsync, that should work.
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    Thanks for the response. I think I can do the .csv file format to transfer the Yahoo contacts into outlook. But I'm not sure about the contacts that were transferred from the old cell phone.

    How do I get my contacts in the Treo to the desktop? Is this just a simple synch? If so, I'm not sure why I don't see them since I have synched before.

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    Do you have the conduit set to sync with Outlook? There should be a shortcut in the Palm applications group in Windows to set it up...

    Start --> Programs --> Palm --> PIM Conduit Sync --> Sync with Outlook

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