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    I have 10 days left on my slingmobile trial, and I'm still unsuccessful in having a stream for any length of time. Once I try to change channels, I lose it immediately. I didn't get any answers from my last post:

    Sling customer service thinks my phone is not fast enough... yet, there are plenty of you folks streaming just fine with a 755.

    So, here's my question... I've been in locations where the phone shows EVDO - the arrows inside the boxes - so, I'll tap to start slingmobile, and the phone will show the dialog boxes to say it's connecting to Power Vision... should that happen? If I've already got boxes and arrows, doesn't that mean it's connected already to high speed internet? Or, is that simply telling me that I COULD connect in that area?

    Here's what I'm trying to figure out - is it worth the time to drive a half hour to get with a sprint tech to look at my phone? I'm amazed that everyone else can use Sling Mobile but me - and this is even after I've upgraded my home internet service to make sure my upstream was enough. I'm wondering if somehow my phone is not set up properly for EVDO useage. Possible? How could I know?

    OK - please help, amigos! Do you think this is something that can be corrected on my phone?
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    Sounds like your settings are not correct under prefs and network. Or you are having PV dropouts like the post MR 700 users.

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