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    Okay, so I ran the 1.10 update on my Sprint 700p. I ran it in it's vanilla mode for a few days and the phone application experienced a "fatal exception" error and instead of saying "Sprint" it would display "Network Search". Here is what I did to start resolve my problem.

    1. I called customer service tech support (was on hold for approx. 30 mins) and then for the next 30 mins had the tech walk me through some pound codes (including ##786). She could figure out what was wrong and recommend that I go to a Sprint repair center.

    2. During my lunch break (same day), I go to the store. I wait for about 1 hour (grabbed some lunch). The phone could not be repaired but would need to be replaced. $35 to replace the phone with a 755p (new, not refurbished).

    How does this make any sense. I run a update to a tee that is encouraged by both Sprint and Palm. It fries my phone, and I have to pay for the replacement for it.

    $35 is not a lot of money for the replacement but still it's truly not my fault, but yet I have to pay for it (not to mention, replacing some accessories that would not work with the 755p (ie. memory card)). For that matter, $35/user for each failed phone, makes for another stream of revenue for Sprint. Something doesn't seem right to me.

    How have any of you dealt with this situation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I would gladly pay $35 for a 755, if Verizon had it.
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    If you had to pay for another 700p, then I could see you getting angry.

    You got a new phone, which is a completely different model for 35.00 dollars. Take it and run to a store and get a mini SD card...

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    So you're saying - that it's a good thing?... I just felt like I had a perfectly fine phone before 1.10, and then it died after 1.10.

    So I suppose a "cheers" is in order? I just feel like Sprint/Palm are just running a crazy scam to skim more money from disappointed users.
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    They're trying to lower the amount of support requests by giving you a new 755P at a very, very low price.
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    I got my 755 for free. Replacing a network dropping post mr 700.
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    Are you kidding? $35 bucks to upgrade a 700 to a 755 is great.
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    Take the 755P. If you still want a 700P then sell the 755P and buy a new 700P with the money from the 755P.
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    Well, I decided to call customer service up, and simply explained my current situation and they granted me a $35 credit on my account. Heck, I even asked if they could give me a credit for the cost of changing the memory card from standard to mini - couldn't make that happen. But you gotta ask - cuz if you don't the answer is always NO. Total time spent on the call: 20 mins.

    The rep did mention to me that he has gotten calls from many customers describing an immediate or gradual loss of connecting to the Sprint network once they applied the most recent version of the update. He added that since the update was applied by the customer and of his/her free will, Sprint typically wouldn't give any sort of credit. But again, talking to the rep kindly BUT firmly does yield some positive results.

    At the end of it all: In store rep does not charge me for the phone but applies $35 replacement fee; and over-the-phone customer svc. rep applies a $35 credit. Let's hope the 755p is a step in the right direction. Feeling much better now.

    Any recommendations for a reliable miniSD card?
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    I think I read on here that some people got their 700p brick replaced by Palm. No upgrade, just replacement.
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    Hey chodaboy,
    Thankfully, I have a receipt that the in-store tech generated. Here's what it reads:

    Treo 755p EVDO Handset Kit (Price Override $579.99 to $0.00)
    In-store Replacement Fee ($35.00)

    They can't go back to telling me that I get a straight replacement... Hmm...or can they? You know what, enough chat on this - I'll let you know when the 755p is in hand. Till then, it's all paper and phone calls!
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    A good MiniSD card to get:

    Transcend is a very good brand. This is a class 4 card which is pretty fast.

    Newegg sometimes carries the class 2 version of this card which is also great, but not as fast.
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    $35 is a great deal to upgrade to 755. But if you keep calling back to Sprint and cry about it, their supervisor probably will give you a refund.
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    If you call Sprint about it too much, they may give you the boot, and you'll have a nice paperweight.
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    35 bucks isnt' the bad part. add in the cost of extra battery and use specific cases you may need, it starts to add up.
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    Well, I did get a call back from Sprint Customer Service - yes a CALL BACK. I wasn't even expecting it. The gentleman asked how everything was moving along. I was pleased with the call, and did mention everything that was being done and did mention the cost of changing from an SD card to a miniSD. He said that my request was a fair one, but not one that anyone has asked for before.

    He spoke with his supervisor. The supervisor and the rep I was speaking with agree... they are honoring the $35 credit, plus another $15 credit to help with the cost of replacing the SD card to a miniSD. Wow!

    Again, all I can say is 'wow' and to keep an eye out for the credits on my Sprint bill.
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    So, I picked up my new-in-the-box 755p. Running it in a vanilla mode for a day to see if any issues arise from it. Credits are still acknowledged on my account! It is a blue one. I must admit the "feel" of the surface is really nice - won't slip out as easily as the 700p would.
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