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    Before Palm 1.10 upgrade:
    1. CAR: Treo found device, paired and used in car (Lexus Rh400) once and never again after that.
    2. HEADSET: Treo found device, paired with LG headset, and worked with incoming calls, but not outgoing calls (was under impression 1.10 upgrade would fix this)
    3. PC: Unable to pair with PC for HotSync.

    AFTER Palm 1.0 upgrade (and subsequent brick and receving refurb in mail with 1.10 already insatalled and successful activation):
    1. CAR: Treo finds device, but unable to pair.
    2. HEADSET: Treo cannot find device.
    3. PC: Treo cannot find device.

    I have an LG HBM-710 that I've virtually never used because I've never been able to make outgoing calls. $70 down the drain.

    Is anyone else having a problem "finding" devices? Who the HE(*&$# do I call for a bluetooth "finding device" issue?


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    I have gotten the connection in my car to work - I just ignored the screen in the car that did not indicate pairing, as the phone indicated that it had and tried placing a call anyway and it worked.

    However, the headset is still a mystery...
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    Our It guy just bought the headset. Boy is it small. He is having trouble with it staying paired with his 700w. His wife's razr, no problem. Darn Treo's and Bluetooth.

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