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    I got an interesting issue here with #*#EVDO.

    I forced it to EVDO only for awhile to see if I could possibly get only on the EVDO network. To my surprise I tried calling myself from my office phone to see if I could get the phone to ring or reboot. 10 Straight calls and the Treo never answered and it went straight to Voicemail. I did soft reboots, hard reboots and still nothing.

    I live in the Phoenix Metro Area (Currently working in Chandler) and I swear that it never answered once.... Can anyone else reproduce this interesting error?
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    This has been known for a long a year. Look here.....
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    You have to check to make sure the arrow next to the signal bar is going up/down (EVDO) (and not left/right 1X). sometimes, even if you force EVDO, the phone would still go 1X and you never receive any calls. I wish I can somehow remove the 1X code from the ROM. but the EVDO I think depends on 1X to get its server.
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