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    I contact the developer of this great piece of software regarding an issue I had where a DB kept disappearing on me for no reason!!! Yes, one day it is there and next one, it is gone.

    If you use HB, you will find the developer's response assuring and truly insightful. I'm still trying this software, but with such knowledge and prompt response, buying it is a no brainer for me. Wonder why HB has been the number 1 and the industry leader in Palm DB software solutions.

    Here's the full response ...

    Thanks for your email. This is definitely something we and most other developers have heard a lot about in the past few years. When Palm implements support for NVFS (the flash based file system that keeps everything in Flash instead of RAM as was in the past), they implemented it very poorly and introduced many different bugs. This includes random resets, data loss if a database is not fully saved when the device resets, and the dreaded disappearing database issue. These all stem from the fact that there is a small amount of RAM in the device used as a cache to move data between programs and the The first was fixed in OS 5.4.9 which seems to handle the resets issue better (but not completely), the second is a fact of life-if it's in the middle of writing the database when it crashes, there is no way the resulting database is going to be valid. So the OS deletes the database when it resets. But the last case, is likely what you're describing. You don't have any crashes while in HanDBase but yet somehow a database still disappears here and there. And it's relatively consistent as to why...

    This was not addressed in newer versions and seems just as prevalent in OS 5.4.9 as it is in any OS 5.4.x version. What I've read on the Palm development forums about this is that during the bootup process, when the OS tries to determine whether there were any corrupt databases being written to before the reset, it does some strange algorithms. They've only told us of a few:

    1. It checks to see if there are two copies of a file differing by the name being a different case. For example "Keys" and "keys". If it finds that it deletes one of them (they didn't see how it decides which to delete).

    2. It checks to see if any records have the 'busy bit' set on them. This is a bit that the OS sets as it's about to write to the flash and then clears on writing (in theory). There is no way I'm aware that we can set or unset this bit, but yet if the one in flash somehow has this set, it seems to decide it's worth deleting.

    3. There are several other causes for this that are not explained or hinted by Palm, but seen by developers and customers of many different products.

    And of course they did not see it fit to notify the user in any way of this happening, so most of the times you don't know it happened until hours or days later! While Palm has acknowledged this to several developers they have not provided a fix on their end, or a workaround for us to use. In the meantime, we are all scrambling to offer solutions to our users and much experimentation is being done to find a reliable 'cure'.

    We have been recommending keeping databases on the memory card, but as you may know they do not get synced there. The good news is that in HanDBase 4.0, we added support for Syncing databases stored on the memory cards, so for many this may be the solution to 99% of their problems with this.

    We also did some experimenting and found one other author that found a strange workaround. This workaround involves rewriting records as the database is being closed. In our testing, it's seemed to be working and so far we have not had a deleted database since applying it. We're putting this code into the 4.0 release as well, though unfortunately it adds a small delay to most average sized (under 10,000 records) databases and a bigger one as they get larger each time the database is closed.

    HanDBase 4.0 is coming out hopefully this month, so hopefully between the two options we'll have a workable solution for you. Hope this helps!
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    I wish the developers of MobileDB were still working on it (since that's the database program I paid for). Maybe I'll try HanDBase, if it does everything MobileDB does.
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    I've had HanDBase for years . . . solid piece of software. You have a lot of databases to choose from in their "gallery" and with a little patience, you can learn fairly quickly to build and customize your own. I just don't use it much to be honest. I have a DB that I use to track my vehicle maintenance and another one for rebates, to keep track from time I submit a rebate, and then check it as complete when I get the check. But if you're a "list freak," you can really have some fun with this one!
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    I also have used HanDBase for years and am using the beta - it is solid, but some problems still exist. Ben

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