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    Hi. I started using Bluetooth with my 650. I love it (getting along OK with the HS850). I notice my battery draining A LOT quicker over night while I have BT on on the phone, but of course, the BT headset is off. Does turning on BT itself drain the battery faster, or only when BT is in use? It could just be that the battery is getting old (coincidence). Tnx.
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    I have noticed on my 680 that if I have the BT on .. it drains the battery.. whether or not the headset is turned on.. as does having beam turned on, or having the network up.
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    Oh, yeah. BT drains the battery big time even if no other bluetooth connection device is turned on. I synch over BT and use a BT headset so I am very conscious of turning off BT overnight.

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