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    Ever since the MR on my Verizon 700p, I get random short vibrations from the device wihtout any messages (calls/voicemail/alarm...). I do have the ringer set to vibrate. I have set system sounds to off (all sounds except ringer, actually). It happens about 20 x/day and sometimes I am holding the phone and looking at the screen, and nothing registers.

    I did a complete re-load of all my apps (not a restore from backup - that was unstable for me). It is the same set of apps I was using on the 1.06 device.

    Is this happening to anybody else? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the club.

    I've given up on my Treo as far as what it does for me. I am sorry (to all) about being negative but I've had it as i spent a few mins on the phone with VZW with one of their untrained monkeys.

    For me bluetooth was stable as keeping my Jabra JX-10 connected. But having bluetooth on caused many constant reboots when incoming or outgoing calls occured. I've done enough testing to know how it happens. Unfortunately post MR update reboots were contsant but what did it for me was the constant hassle of getting on the data network. I don't aggressively download mail or surf too heavy on my device. But dammit when I need to use it.. it should work. Right now I'm trying to find a device w/ 1.06 software on there to at least get my data back ontrack. I got to wait it out till november so I can actively replace my phone w/ another non Treo/Palm device.

    Just keep reading the other posts. I think i found 1 person who was totally happy out there. Kudos to that person.

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