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    I know that this discussion has been had before. I have been using Snapper Enterprise (IMAP) since it came out. I recently switched to AT&T and got a 680. For some reason, the current version of Snapper does not work right on the 680 resulting in no auto-fetch.

    They are working on the issue, and have been responsive to my emails. I really like the interface and the application overall. Further, I am not sure that our Notes 6.5 server supports the IDLE command.

    Is Chatter really worth switching too? How has it been since the apparent acquisition by Palm?

    Advice appreciated. I would love to stick with Snapper, but I don't know how long it will take them to fix this issue. Further, they have not shown signs of adding the key features from Chatter to Snapper.


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    I have used both on my 680... and snappermail was very very slow on my 680 when it got the messages. I don't have it set to get the mail automatically I do a manual sync, but it just seemed really really slow whenever I used it. I like Chatter better

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