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    Do you have any good websites to wirelessly download palm os programs from?

    I use iambic, but many programs are not available there. I don't hotsync often, and prefer direct .prc files.

  2. #2 is good, although your can download from any palm os site such as

    I never hardly use the PC either except when developers use exe files for their Palm OS apps.

    When those occur, I still use to wirelessly download the files to my memory card and then install to Treo.
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    I just found this yesterday. On the TC Store for Software, there is a link to download a Palm OS app that allows you to OTA download/install Palm OS software direct to your device.
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    I checked out palmgear but it only let's me download zip files. Am I doing something wrong?
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    handzipper lite is free and will seamlessly handle the zip files for you with just a few clicks.
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