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    I just updated. It seems to have been a success. I was able to re-sync (without restoring a backup) and everything worked just fine. All my software and data is there. I can make and receive calls.

    On the phone page, it used to say "Verizon Wirelss" at the top when I was connected. Now it's gone. Is this normal? I didn't re-activate the phone, but it's working.

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    Did you re-sync all your apps from your PC to your device? If so, you might be starting another thread soon.
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    I didn't re-install them. I just synced, as per the instructions on the Palm Web site. That restored the apps, data and preferences. I'm using a Mac w/ Missing Sync.

    I have the backup on an SD card, so I should be safe, even if I have to start over, but what kinds of problems are people having with just syncing?
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    I don't have a Mac. You should only sync your PIM data(i.e. change your PalmBackup folder name to oldBackup so it puts it out of the loop and doesn't load applications) and load your apps one at a time, or before you did the made a back up with whatever Backup program via Resco, NV, then did a hard reset and after the MR your other option would be just to restore the backup you made since it was done prior to the MR, it would be the most up to date backup and be the alernative to the ladder. In my experience long ago, I bricked my Treo syncing all the apps down its which it seemed ok at first but it wasn't. There are plenty on the forum that will tell you not to sync your apps. Then again, you may have got lucky and have no problems at all which has happened for some.
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    You need to reprogram your phone with Verizon. Dial *228 and choose option 1. That should bring your Verizon banner back. Dial *228 option 2 to reprovision your phone and you should be all set to go!

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