hi all,

What a great, mutually-helpful bunch here, from what I can tell by browsing !

Have spent hours cruising threads here to much interest but no avail in answering my queries . . .

I have inherited a 2 yr old T650 with no charger, sync cable, CD or manual.

It was used on Rogers here in Canada, our only choice for GSM network at this point (though a contact at Apple Store tells me that CRTC will be forcing all carriers to go GSM <BS?>).

Charged it up with a friend's 650 charger, phone works fine if I pop in the SIM from my Rogers Razr v3.

Without a SIM in it, phone info shows an HS SN (serial no?), Software Treo650-1.05-ROW , Hardware A ; all other fields blank.

I suspect that this unit may have been bought at full price, ie. not subsidized by Rogers.

I don't really need to unlock the phone (due to Rogers' monopoly on GSM here) though it could be advantageous later when I'm travelling, allowing me to buy prepaid SIMs, from what I read here (thanks!)

I have no interest in data services or a plan at this point, I just like the idea of a multimedia device (listen to .mp3s, watch vids) and phone integrated with PDA... I've used Palm for years, separate from my phones.

Thanks for y'allz kind indulgence of my questions:

- How can I tell if this phone is locked to Rogers or not?

- Where can I get a charger & sync cable cheap, ideally in Toronto ? I was thinking of checking at the main FactoryDirect.ca store on College, which shop has sold lots of refurb Palms and Treos, along with blowout old stock of new accessories, and SD cards, inexpensively, over the years.

- I've heard of an .mp3 player application that emulates the iPod interface - is this available for the T650, is it any good or do others provide many advantages without the whizzo faux-Apple experience?

- To update this phone with the latest firmware & 'official' applications, do I need the Rogers update package, and does this depend on whether the phone is in fact locked or not?

I propose to try to back up the original user's data and give it to his family on a CD, then install official updates, then erase all previous user data and start fresh with my own, imported from my Vx.

Fruitlessly trying to sync by BT before this battery dies (half-dead already in less than 22 hours, with 'phone' on less than 5 minutes), with latest Palm Desktop Mac 4.21 Rev D on my MacBook Pro. I expect between Apple and Palm help, that I can muddle through getting that to work.

Oddly, I paired the phone with the MBP using my own password, and now iSync fails to successfully pair when I enter the password it generates, into the T650.

I much appreciate any help that folks in this forum can offer a smartphone newbie . . . my experience with forums in other subject areas has been phenomenal, and this looks to be a great one too !

Later I look forward to ROM mods and killer apps . . .