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    I'm currently using a 680 that is operating with no problems. I've ordered a 755p and would like to migrate the data but install all of the programs from scratch. It is my plan to keep the same device name so that I don't have to deal with all of the software vendors.

    The best instructions I've found were written by gtwo in post #2 of this 11/6/05 thread:
    While that thread is for a 600 to a 650 migration it all still makes sense for a 680 to 755.

    Does anyone have a better method...has Palm made anything easier since gtwo wrote those instructions.
    Thanks for any advice.
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    What I did for going from my 700p to the 755p was to delete my hotsync folder, and beam over my contacts, appointments, memos, and tasks (you can beam via category). Then I installed the apps by scratch.
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    Hi Nelson,

    Believe it or not, I did not read Palm's instructions for establishing my new 755P, I just followed the same instructions you noted for my migration from the 700p to the 755p. Everything has been fine.

    So, I cannot comment on Palm's instructions but the Clean Install method still worked for me.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    What I did was save the 700P folder somewhere else. I performed a brand new hotsync with a new user 755P.

    After I did the hotsync. I then went back to my 700P user/backup folder and double clicked on the saved preferences.prc, the phone favorites.pdb, blazer bookmarks.pdb and any other favorite type stuff and then re hotsynced to import those saved bookmarks and preferences from my 700P.

    I have done this with all my palm upgrades since the 600 and never had a problem. But I sure do not want to introduce any problems from the 700P I had, what a pain.

    Anyone see a problem with doing this?

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