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    I did some tests and notice that its something with Chattermail,i noticed that while chattermail is running the little network arrows on the main screen are going crazy, but if you shut down chattermail the arrows turn off and the battery drain stops. its not the network because when the netword is connect ie: surfing the web or Instant messaging, the arrows only turn on when they need to access the network, but with chattermail its constantly on, this only started happening after i upgraded to the latest beta of chatter.
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    Yep, it happened to me yesterday...never had anything like it happen before, funny thing though, I did not get any Error 3000 messages, weird.
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    Mine was still doing the super battery drain when running Chatteremail this morning, but was back to normal by this afternoon. Strange.
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    I don't run chattermail but still get the "Bad Battery Drain Day" every 2 or 3 days.
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    Well i just upgraded to a 755 with a Sero plan, and when i transfered everything over it was doing the battery drain on the 755 also, I deleted every chatter file, and intalled Chatter again from scratch not a back up, deleted all mailboxes and it fixed the problem, i had to setup the mailboxes again, but at least its fixed.
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    I meant to reply a few days ago but been too busy. I too have been having the weird battery drain problem. As in my original post I had it happen that one Saturday/Sunday (July 21/22) that seems many people had the problem. Then a few days later. The I caught it happening last week on Thursday afternoon I think.

    Basically I went to turn on my Treo and got no response. I had to push the RED button 5-10 times before my phone finally woke up. Once running I noticed that it seemed a bit sluggish. I kept an eye on it an over the next 1+ hours the phone lost over 12% of its battery charge.

    I do not have Chattermail, Versamail, or any other background tasks running (data, apps,..). I did not see the "blue arrows" on my Icon's. I did not install Verizon's MR yet. I'm not really a power user, and don't make a ton of calls so my phone typically goes 3-4 days between charges.

    When the above drain happen I was sitting at my desk and had a signal strength of 2 bars which isn't too bad. I recently spent a week up north were I was lucky to have 1 bar of strength and the phone did not drain at anywhere near this rate. And other than this last week I've only had my battery go dead twice that I remember, and once I do know it was very low the night before I found it dead.

    So if my problem is the same as everyone else I throwing a monkey wrench into the works because I don't have the list of suspects on my phone. I think there must be some kind of specific Verizon code in the phone that has a bug which is causing this.

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    Since my post of 7/24, I have not had the problem again. All seems well for now.
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    Mine has been doing it every day since Monday this week. I cant hold a charge for more than about 6 hours. And I am on Sprint, so that throws another wrench in things. I also do not have chattermail or any other of those apps running.
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    Doubt if this has any bearing on these battery drain issues but certainly worth considering. This link is from another thread; be sure to read the section on viruses that hijack bluetooth connections.
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    I have a Sprint 700P and I've also been having the battery drain others have been experiencing. The phone would feel hot and the battery would last for about 6 or 7 hours. The battery itself was not hot.

    I have not updated the phone with the MR and I don't have ANY software on my 700P that didn't come with it. It first starting having that problem last weekend. Then everything was fine until Thursday when my 700P starting having the same problem. I did a soft reset on the phone and the battery drain stopped.

    I haven't been able to try it again because the battery drain hasn't happened again yet.

    i wish I know what was causing this problem since I've only had since Nov 06.
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    I also had the battery drain, but I think it's gone now after a call to support. I first noticed last week after my battery almost died after about 4 hours off the charger. I tried soft and hard resets, pulling the battery, etc. After downloading BatteryGraph I did narrow down the network was draining my battery. For example this morning, I unplugged around 8:00a, got to work around 9a and BatteryGraph said my phone had been on for about an hour. I never even turned it on once during that time. My battery had also gone down to about 80%. By 4pm I was down to 60%. After being on hold w/ tech support for what seemed like days, I went down to 25% pretty quickly. I charged for about 30 minutes, got back up to 34%. Tried the tech support fix and 3 hours later I'm holding at 33%. So I think they fixed it for once.

    In any case, the helpful gal had me "Restore" my data connection. This is one of the menu options avail after dialing ##3282#. You need the MSL though to activate it though, which they'll obviously give you while stepping you through the sequence.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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    I get the weird battery drain every once in awhile. I'm sure I had it pre-MR and I know I've had it once or twice post-MR. A soft reset has always cured the problem. The drain seems to occur after several days of constantly being on, apps open in the background, etc. I think something gets stuck in a loop but doesn't crash the whole phone.

    Mundu is the biggest battery drain as it seems like every IM service demands a constant data feed. I'm not sure how much the app itself drains the battery. Chatter is my #2 battery drain (with 1 email account being pushed). If you are in a marginal signal area, especially with one or both of these apps running in the background, you might see drain like some people have here.
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    Just a quick update. Going back to my earlier post, it looks like the "Restore" thing fixed me. As opposed to yesterday, after an 1.5 hours this morning I'm still at 99%.
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    My 700p also started doing this a few days ago. I haven't installed the MR. What I have found is it's related to the data network. If I manually disconnect from the data network (either through prefs->network or through snappermails menu) every time I use data the battery doesn't drain. But if I don't manually disconnect it drains the battery quickly - the radio seems to be working constantly unless I manually disconnect from the data network. I have blue tooth turned off BTW and am on Verizon.
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