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    I updated my MR on the 700P and now have the lag when the phone is searching for network or you are in a fringe area. It kinda locks the screen and then if you try to click on anything, when its done it goes through every click you did for the time it was frozen.

    Has anyone had this problem on the 755P?
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    This happens with all treo's using the palm os.
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    Mine never have. Not like this 700p does after the MR update
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    Mine did pre mr, post mr. My 755 does it. It depends on how good the signal is in your area. Mine only does it in two spots, on the way to work. Whether pre or post mr. Or my 755.
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    Here is a post and my response from the 700p hardware forum. This is what I am talking about.
    Is the 755P having issues with this?

    Originally Posted by PSM
    I never had a 700p pre-MR, but I definitely see lots of lag that I think is related to signal problems. I'm currently working in a town where I either lose signal entirely or switch between 1X and EVDO all the time. I have a feeling once I get home where there is good reception it will be better.

    The worst result of this I've had so far was when I was on the phone with my bank and trying to type my account number into the automated system. The damn thing froze for about 30 sec. while I was typing the numbers -- it took me 3 calls to do it right. I'm always afraid that typing wrong numbers like that too many times will get my account locked down on suspicion of fraud.

    They can't get rid of the Palm OS soon enough!

    This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. The only thing is I called it a fringe area mistakenly. I say fringe area but what I really mean is that areas (like my house) where the phone used to work fine, now drop calls all the time and does this freeze up like I am in a fringe area. Ill have a two or three bar signal, make a phone call and all of a sudden without moving one inch it just drops the call or does the freeze thing. I NEVER experienced this with any of my previous treos.
    I believe it is something they have done in the MR that affects the phones signal pickup.
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    Now I see what you are saying. You seem to have worse reception due to the MR. I seemed to have experienced that as well. Before the 755p swap out. Maybe not worse reception, but the device will not hang onto the network as well, as pre MR. I did have that problem. along with the network drops in high receptions areas, or poor.
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    Exactly. And since the reception was worse, I had the lags and freezes from it trying to find the network even in an area where it shouldnt.
    I mean I had freezes where a phone call would come in when I guess it was trying to find the network and I couldnt even answer the phone. I would then click on anything and everything to try to get it to come out of it and about 5-20 seconds later it would catch up and do every click i just did.

    I bought a 755P Friday and activated it yesterday and so far havent had any problems at all with this phone.

    There is no way that MR for the 700P is the same as what is on the 755P, and if it is, the problems have to be 700P hardware of some sort.
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    You have to remember that the 700 was totally designed for WinM5. It was not designed for the palm os. If you check out the 700wx forum, there are not much major problems going on like the 700p forum. The MR was to bring the os closer to functioning on the WinM5 hardware. It seems it failed. I am hoping that the 755 was designed for palm os, and will not have all these problems, that the 700p does. Since there has been no release of a 755wx yet, we may be in luck......

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