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    I have been out of the palm software buying market for some time. I am looking for a good password storage program. I want to be able to print out the passwords from a syncing desktop conduit of some kind. I also want to use the desktop for the first time install on my palm. I have heard of splash ID from back in the day is there anything better? I did a search for password protection and splash id and get a whole lot of posts on locking and deleting your device remotely. Not a Treo owner yet but soon to be and find it fascinating you can delete remotely.

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    SplashID has the Windows desktop component to let you edit/print your records
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    I was looking for a password program a while back and surveyed about 10. It came down to DataShield, SplashID, and Passwords Plus. After that it's personal preference and features. I chose DataShield and have been quite happy with it.


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