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    My new 680 was doing great power-wise until I installed Butler yesterday

    Now it's draining super fast. I don't have much turned on in Butler other then remote lock and the keylauncher (which is all I really got it for).

    I was going to use the alerts reminder but I'm scared that will drain the battery even faster.

    Anyone else have this experience with Butler and/or know of a solution?
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    Nope. Lots of people use Butler. I don't use either function, however. I use Butler for alarms, reminders, and its keyguard (works better with KeyGuardTime+ than the stock one).
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    Used Butler briefly when I had my 680 also...and had a few problems like the OP mentioned, but not so severe. But, then again, that was a time when I carelessly loaded many incompatible apps on my Treo at the same time, and...
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