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    I tryed you tube mobile( on my palm tx over wifi and I get an error in blazer when trying to click watch video link.

    error " the link type is not supported. (0x1511)"

    Anybody have a work around?
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    I can watch video's from with no problem on my 755 with no modifications made.

    I click Play Video and Kinoma opens and streams the video.

    Of course I'm confused because your subject says 755 and your message says a TX over Wifi.
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    ok, let me clear this up. I am testing on a tx over wifi. I am a soon to be owner of a 755p so I thought if I can get it to work over a tx it should work on a 755p. Now i see its the opposite because I don't have the player you do.

    thanks for checking.

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    Yeah, Kinoma can stream from stock and is included on the 755 you'll be getting so you'll be good to go.

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    You can also try I think it has same youtube video plus more, made for mobiles.
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    the only thing with is that not all the videos are converted yet to mobile so you will not bee able to see all the videos that are available on regular youtube.
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    If you want access to every YouTube video you can buy the upgraded Kinoma player, which can play Flash Video.
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    thanks guys, this helps alot and gets rid of my cravings for an iphone. I want my 755p to be all that and more.

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