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    So far so good. I havent had a chance to fully test it but the sound quality is MUCH better than the jabra bt125 I had tried the other week. The jabra I could hear fine but my voice was muffled to others. The bh-600 sound is clear. It is supposed to have noise cancelling, but I havent been in any loud areas to see how well it works. Everyone I've talked to said I sounded good and I called my vms and left myself messages that sound great when I play them back.

    With the jabra when a call came in it didnt always automatically go to the headset, this one does it every time. The controls are easier for me to use also. I also like how it feels on my ear. The jabra was light with a flimsy feeling, and I had to keep adjusting it. This one, when I have it in place, it stays in place, and it doesnt feel like it will go anywhere. It has a firm hold, but the rubberized ear piece is stil comfortable. It's probably not for every one tho, my brother tried it on and said he didnt like it and that it would drive him nuts to have to wear it for any extended period of time. He doesnt like headsets period tho.

    I had decided to try this after reading good reviews on other forums ( either howard or pda, I forget which) but when I searched no one had tried it with a treo.

    My only complaint is an aesthetic one: its a champagne color and my treo is silver . It's a really light color tho, so unless its side by side no one would be able to tell.
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