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    I set NVBackup to backup my Treo at noon each day (I work night shift) and it worked 1 time and never again.

    I left Cycle at 1 cause I have no idea what Cycle means.

    Any advise?
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    "Cycle" is the number of backup sets to store in your SD card, so, with "1" you probably have only one backup listed. Suppose you have "3" the oldest backup will be replaced with a new one after you have three backups. e.g., "7" will store backups from the past seven runs.

    This is just a means of conserving SD memory by removing older backups. If one had infinite memory, one would store all backups ever made.

    You can exclude some backups (manually) from the "Cycle" and these will not be deleted or included in the cycle count.

    Check the date (and time) of your recent backup, it should be of the last scheduled backup.
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    I'll reactivate it and try again but I know I looked at the date/time and it hadn't been doing backups but I'll give it a try again now that I understand what Cycles are.

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    I think i was having a similar problem like this before and it was becuase I had NV on just the card and not in RAM. Not sure if this is the case for you but just a suggestion

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