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    So I've always wanted a GPS navigaiton unit for my car, and I see that both TomTom and Garmin have products that will turn my Treo 650 into one. The latest TomTom Navigator 6 and Garmin 20SM bundle each go for about $299.

    I'm curious to know if anyone out there has any experience with either of these, which works best, and why I should go with a Treo solution instead of a standalone nav unit.
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    I have been lurking around here for a while and it seems like a lot of users have considered the same question. You can search for threads that talk about this.
    I have recently purchased TT6 with a Globalsat receiver. I am working through the challenges of getting TT6 to work on the Treo 650. I believe there are quite a few users that have gotten this program to work satisfactorily on their units. I may have to do a bit more tweaking to get it to work on mine.
    I wanted a GPS unit for the car. My thought was - I have a pretty expensive piece of electronics already, I'll just put the nav SW on it, get a receiver and away I go.
    After a couple of months - first trying Street Atlas and now TT6 - I have just about decided that the way to go is with a stand alone unit.
    Here are some of the challenges that I am working with:
    Can't use my bluetooth headset and the BT receiver at the same time
    TT6 is slooooooooow
    Sending & receiving calls means switching in and out of the nav SW. This slows everything down another notch.
    That is my two cents worth. I am still lurking around looking at old threads to see if I can get it usable. Right now, I could be talked into parting with my TT6 SW and Globalsat BT receiver at a loss.

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