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    hey guys, I am on Mac OS X with a 700p on verizon... I have two questions: One: I followed these instructions to get my BT DUN working on my verizon but do not subscribe to the internet stuff... will Verizon charge me per use? how does that go? PS: I successfully connected without doing anything to my phone

    1. Make sure your vx9800 has paired via bluetooth to your Mac. If you have not set this up, turn on visibility on your phone, and then in Bluetooth preferences, "Set up bluetooth device." Follow the instructions from there. Make sure that in bluetooth settings on the vx9800, under "paired devices," the PC Connection is set.
    2. Make sure that 1x only is selected on your phone. To change this, click "OK" on the inside keypad to bring up the menu, then press "0", followed by the service code "000000". Press 3 for Network select, press 1 for Mode, choose 1x only.
    3. On your Mac, open up prefernces, goto Network. Click "Show" and then "Bluetooth." Click "Bluetooth Modem." For modem, select "Verizon Support (PC 5220)". This script should come pre-loaded on Mac OS X.
    4. The important step. Open up Applications-->Utilities-->Terminal. Type in the following commands:

    cd ../../etc/ppp

    sudo pico

    Type in your root password. Copy and paste the following lines into the terminal (actually the terminal application pico).


    Type Control-X to exit pico. it will ask you if you want to save. type Y for yes, then save the file as "options" without parenthesis. hit enter.

    In the future, to revert to original default system settings, go open terminal and type sudo rm ../../ppp/options

    5. Open up Applications-->Internet Connect. Click Bluetooth. Fill in the following fields:
    Telephone #: #777
    Account name:
    Password: vzw

    Second: Is there anyway to just use my Palm Treo 700p as a modem and not connect to verizon's network and just have it use my minutes (I have AOL also) I didn't see this option when pairing my phone with my computer

    Thanks for the help guys
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    I've read a lot of different ways to set up Treos and Macs for DUN, but never heard of these terminal commands. What are they supposed to do?

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