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    I'm trying to avoid paying full $120 retail for the "new" jawbone headset. When I look on ebay, "new" only seems to mean unused and not necessarily stating if it's the most recent model. I see two different types of packaging, one is an all silver box and the other is orange with green on it. Does anyone know which of these packagings indicates the latest model? Thanks.
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    There is only one model but three different colors.
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    There is only one model but three different colors.
    Are you saying there is no "new" version of this headset (ie; it was upgraded in the past few months?) since it's release in 2006? From Aliph's jawbone site ( they refer to the "new" jawbone, perhaps I'm misunderstanding. If you look on ebay as well, some people refer to their model as the "new" or "updated" and others note that they are the "original" model. Again, could just be semantics and everyone is referring to the same thing but I'm not understanding that. Also, the variations in the packaging as I mentioned above (some boxes, regardless of the color of the headset, are all silver colored whereas others are orange with green coloring) led me to believe their might be a newer and older model of this bluetooth headset. I'm aware that the jawbone used to be a wired model but a bluetooth version was made. Can anyone clarify if there is an updated version of the bluetooth headset and, if so, does the color of the box indicate which one?

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