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    I know that Christian PDA software has been covered before on this board. However, it's been awhile. I would like to rediscover any new features of existing Christian oriented software, and discover any new programs that have arrived on the scene. Dr. Henry Kong of the Singapore Palm Users Group has provided a very good article outlining his daily use of Christian PDA software:

    I am going to be configuring a VDX for my brother-in-law, who is a youth minister. I would like to make sure that he has all the material he needs. Therefore, I am especially interested in any suggestions that any ministers might have for using the Palm to aid in your ministry.

    I could also use some RAM statistics for the software. I am going to try to fit everything on a 8MB VDX, but may need to expand, depending on your input.

    Thanks for your help! This board is THE best!

    Note: Sorry, I meant to post this to the Software forum.
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    I am not a minister, but here are the applications that I have on my visor (along with their specs). The Laridian applications are a little pricey, but totally worth it, in my opinion.

    My Bible: 1862k
    Includes the My Bible program and the complete NIV bible, which is searchable (you can also get other versions from them). I think that I purchased this for around $35.

    PrayerPartner: 153k
    Allows you keep prayer lists, partners and a personal journal. I think that I purchased this for around $5.

    Daily Bible Passage: 35k
    Displays a different bible passage each day. This is freeware.
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    MoKoni, do you prefer the MyBible program from Laridian over the BibleReader from OliveTree? If yes, what are the advantages of MyBible over BibleReader? This could be an apple and organges kind of thing, but BibleReader is free. You can also get the KJV, and MKJV versions of the bible for free from OliveTree. Price is an issue, so is MyBible is significantly better than BibleReader? What features do you like about MyBible? I am interested. Not only for my brother-in-law, but for myself as well.

    SPUG also has review for,




    I am very interested in your comments about PrayerPartner. Does it link into MyBible or the Daily Bible Passage? It looks like just the ticket for a young minister. How do you use it? If you don't mind my asking.

    Daily Bible Passage looks neat! I downloaded it. Thanks for the tip. You might want to check BibleReadMe @Olivetree. It's free and links directly into the Olivetree bibles. It's a daily chapters program that's geared toward reading the entire bible in a year.

    Can anyone tell me if the MyBible and BibleReader bibles run for the 8MB, or 16MB modules without problems?
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    Don't know much about Biblereader, but I chose MyBible because it offered the NIV translation, which my church uses. I love the language in the KJV sometimes, but I don't like translating on-the-fly during bible study or in service..

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    This may not be of interest unless you are Catholic, but AvantGo has a nice channel called "Mobile Gabriel" that features the entire liturgy for the week, some scriptual reflections, and religious news.

    It's really pitched at Roman Catholics, so if you aren't of that persuasion it may not interest you. That said, there may be something similar for other branches of the faith.
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    headgamer, the NIV is great! I wish OliveTree offered it. That is something that I will have to check on. If he uses NIV then I will have to go with MyBible. No choice. I love the fact that both programs allow you to switch back and forth between multiple versions for translation. i.e. from KJV to NIV for a translation of the verse.

    VTL, AvantGo is a good idea. But he's not Catholic, Protestant. Do you know of any other channels that might be of interest? Although I have just about filled 8MB with BibleReader w/two bibles, Noah Lite-medium edition, BibleReadMe, DailyPassage, CSpotRun, BigClock, Handshopper2, and X-Master.

    There's only 1.3MB free now. May have to start looking into a 8MB module. Plus, I will have to slip in a couple of games. All work and no play makes for a dull youth minister.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know of any Christian oriented games for the Palm? Quizzer or Hangman kind of things?
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    The reason I chose MyBible is because they offered the NIV translation. I checked into what was offered by OliveTree, but didn't really consider it because the NIV wasn't offered.

    Also, the MyBible program, as well as the NIV "data" modules, run perfectly from the 8mb Flash Module. That's where mine are kept and I have never experienced any problems. Also, it is possible to install this large application on a 2mb Visor with a Flash Module - you have to install and transfer until it all goes on the module. It make take a few installs to get everything on there.

    As far as the PrayerPartner is concerned, here's how it works and how I use it: There are three views to the software. The first view is a "List Index" which shows the name of the person on your prayer list, a very brief description of what you are praying for, and the date you entered their prayer request into the software. If you tap on the person's name on the list, you get the detailed "Prayer List" page that shows their name, your prayer request, a scripture verse to reference (you put in the verse), the date you entered the prayer request, and then at the bottom of the page there is a checkbox that you can check when your prayer is answered. The second view is the "Partners" view, where you list your prayer partners' name, phone numbers, email address, when you meet, and any notes you might want to jot down. The third view is a "Journal" that you can keep just like a personal diary or journal. The format of the program looks like a small ring-bound notebook and it has tabs on the right side to switch from the three views.

    I don't believe that it links directly to the MyBible program, unless that is a feature that I have not discovered. The PrayerPartner program is very simple, but very effective.

    Also, in case you are interested, there are a lot of different bible reading schedules offered through HanDBase. They list what verses you are you supposed to read on which days, and you can check them off after you are done.
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    Thanks for the detail on MyBible and PrayPartner, MoKoni! I think that PP is a must have! I will check to see if he uses the NIV or not. Great to hear that MyBible can run from flash. I'm current testing BibleReader with a HandEra ROM and POSE. The reader has to run from RAM, but the Bibles can run from CF. That really frees up the RAM for other things. Unfortunately, Noah Lite dictionaries cannot run from CF.

    Does anyone know if Noah Lite will run from the 8MB module? The medium dictionary uses over 2MB, and I would like to free that for other programs.

    VTL, I found some AvantGo channels for a series of programs offered by Back to the Bible.

    Just wanted to share them. I found this link at the bottom of Dr. Kongs excellent article.

    Keep the ideas coming.
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    I found a freeware version of a prayer list called MyPrayers. It looks very similar to PrayerParter. The author also created a beamable Bible verse program, and a verse memo/thoughts program, FOC.

    All freeware!
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    I use the Biblereader from which allows you to have multiple bible versions and languages and switch on the fly. They have a NASB with strongs concordance built right in.

    I also use MarkMyScriptures from MMS allows you to mark verses in color (if you have a color device) and also make topical references it's really cool for setting up bible studies.

    Unfortunately these two products don't share databases!!
    That's why I have a 16mb SB.

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    LanMan - thanks for the AvantGo channels - I am definitely going to check them out. I am also going to check out MyPrayers (even though I already paid for PrayerPartner).

    To answer your question about Noah Lite, yes, you can run it from the flash module. I have the "Noah Lite" program on there, which is 14k, as well as the "Wordnet Medium" file which is 2022k. I have never experienced a problem with running it from the module.
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    Originally posted by VTL
    This may not be of interest unless you are Catholic, but AvantGo has a nice channel called "Mobile Gabriel" that features the entire liturgy for the week, some scriptual reflections, and religious news.
    Universalis also has an Avantgo channel that can be configured for anywhere in the world: It offers the option of weekly or daily readings for the Eucharist and for Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Night Prayer, as well as a special section of Readings. Quite good, Catholic or not.
    Peace and Every Good!

    Michael W. Cristiani
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    Cool, thanks for the tip.
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    Originally posted by LanMan

    Speaking of which, does anyone know of any Christian oriented games for the Palm? Quizzer or Hangman kind of things?
    There's one I have where you are presented with a listing of the books of the bible scrambled in a grid and and you have to un-scramble them.
    I got it at PalmGear.
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    Thanks, enhanceyourlife! I found it on palmgear:

    Looks like fun. It will be a hard one for me, but my brother can probably master it quickly.

    I also found a verse flashcard program called Lamp Light:

    Very cool!

    Here is a neat in Christ Image program:

    A word play on the popular milk ads - Got Life?
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    Here are some Palm ministry links.

    Go Minister:

    Believer PUG:

    Handheld Ministry:

    Now we're getting somewhere!
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    Olive Tree Bible Software has announced that BibleReader now offers preliminary support for extended memory, including the Palm SD and MMC interface, the Sony Clié's Memory Stick, the TRGpro CF slot. Now the Palm can run the BibleReader databases directly from extended memory.

    Here's the link:

    Full sized Bibles are available at this link:

    Best of all. BibleReader is free, and they offer about a dozen versions of the Bible for free as well. They also have a number of excellent translations for sale.

    If you are going to use Olive Tree's new BibleReader with extended memory support, then you might want the latest version of BibleReadMe. BRM v1.2 has support for the latest BibleReader built-in.

    OliveTree's support is the best. I had a problem with one of their readers and they emailed a new version that fixed the problem that same day!

    I highly recommend OliveTree's BibleReader!

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    There is an excellent Yahoo group call BelieverPUG that is devoted to Christians sharing information via PDA's. Check it out!
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    Originally posted by mcristia

    Universalis also has an Avantgo channel that can be configured for anywhere in the world: It offers the option of weekly or daily readings for the Eucharist and for Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Night Prayer, as well as a special section of Readings. Quite good, Catholic or not.
    The first AvantGo channel I read every morning.

    Along the same line, there's the Virtual Rosary at Virtual Rosary. The current version does not have drop-in modules like the PC version but it is quite good.

    Best wishes,
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    Gramcord available for Palm:

    Put GRAMCORD in the Palm of your Hand!
    The GRAMCORD Institute in cooperation with Olive Tree Software is pleased to continue its 25 year tradition of stretching the technological boundaries of Biblical studies: GRAMCORD Lite brings the popular GRAMCORD Greek NT parsed database (with Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek text) and various optional English Bibles and related tools to your favorite handheld computer. Fill the entire screen with Greek text -- or divide the screen with Greek above and GRAMCORD parsing information below. Just touch any Greek work in the text with your stylus and instantly parse that word!
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