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    Posted from the Kill Apps discussion:

    Yes, different (modern) translations are copyrighted. The NIV (New International Version) is copyrighted by the Zondervan publishers and the International Bible Society. That is why Laridian must sell it at a higher price than the KJV (King James Version). They have to pay Zondervan a fee for every NIV Bible that they sell, whereas the KJV is public domain and no fee is necessary.

    Here is a link regarding the Bible apps discussion from 11/99. Craig, of Laridian's MyBible, goes into detail to explain the royalty fee associated with the NIV translation:

    "Let's compare the KJV and the NIV. There's a $10 royalty on the NIV (which, if you want to complain about price, that's a good place to start) and none on the KJV."

    Might I suggest that we move this worthy discussion to the Christian Software link:
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    I learned of this at the Yahoo BelieverPUG:

    Zondervan Church Source Avantgo channel

    Its content includes the following:

    Today's Bible Verse
    Today's Bible Passage
    Today's Church Word
    Today's Church History Milestone
    This Week's Church Leader Briefing
    Featured Book Excerpt
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    I've setup "Our Daily Bread" on Avantgo. You can do it two ways. I've got mine setup from their main page so that the Bible passages are downloaded (I don't have a Bible installed). Unfortunately the minimum file size needed for that option is 250 because other pages are downloaded first. Another option is to setup Avantgo with this URL:

    Using that URL you can set the size to 50k and link depth to 1 or more(depending on how many days you want to download). More details can be found here:

    - Burns
    Check out my page on Visors:
    Burn's Visor page
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    Here is a link to an active Bible software discussion at PDABuzz:
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    Olive Tree releases v3.30 d17 of BibleReader with extended memory support:

    Download BibleReader 3.30 d17

    Extended memory support
    Fixed OS 4.0 color issues
    Support for large files in regular memory
    Ability to disable extended memory support (for those using the plugins)
    New verse chooser options and fixes
    Fixed lock/unlock problem
    Fixes crash on exit with copy note
    Problem with the NASB Strongs demo not working on CF memory.
    Full compatibility with Palm OS 4.0
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    I could never figure out what the Notes Chooser was in the Olive Tree BibleReader. But then I found this on Olive Tree web site regarding the Notes feature in the BibleReader:

    To find a note:

    Using NASB with Strong's Numbers if you know a specific Strong's number that you want to reference. Tap the tree icon and choose Note Chooser. Input the number in the dialogue area and tap Go. The note will appear.

    Hope this helps. I don't have the Strong's version, so the Notes Chooser never did anything when I selected it.
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    Here are side-by-side reviews of both MyBible by Laridian, and BibleReader by Olive Tree. The reviews are both over a year old, so they may be missing some of the current features of both products. The reviews are at SPUG.



    Plus Dr. Henry Kong's Christian Software Roundup:

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