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    Hi - quick question: How can I set a different time (maybe 10 minutes) on my sleep default while I'm on-line with my ThinModem?
    thanks - dave
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    I use a freeware app called ATool that offers, among other things, the ability to set the auto-off time anywhere from 30 seconds to 480 minutes.
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    Thank you sir, and, kudos to this site!
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    You can also use a Freeware app called AlwaysOn. I use it and love it. It allows you many different time settings as well as a setting that disables the Auto-off feature. You just have to use that with caution. If you forget that you have it set to Always On and forget to turn the Visor off, so long batteries. I tend to switch it to Always On when using the Stowaway or when the Prism is recharging in the cradle.
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