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    Softick Cache Features

    Easy to install and use
    Up to ten times faster card and flash memory access
    Delayed write operations support
    Adaptive caching behavior for better performance
    Real-time cache management
    Cache utilization statistics
    Customizable settings for advanced users

    Softick Cache Benefits

    Reduces application switching and response times
    Increases performance of data-intensive Palm OS applications
    Saves battery life by reducing flash read/write operations
    Speeds up search operations and games loading

    Anyone try this yet???? I'm giving it a go.... hopefully it will speed up my 680!
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    I didn't notice any difference other than it kept the radio from turning on after a reset. Definitely not worth the price.
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    I think mine turns on after reset.

    I was trying out Uncache (from Palmpowerups) for the 2nd time on my 680. I couldn't tell a difference in boot times, but overall speed in terms of switching apps, loading pictures, seem to have been faster.

    Then I saw this app. I tried it, and somehow it would disable Uncache's auto restart on reset. So, I removed Uncache, and trying out Softick Cache exclusively now.

    So far, the only things I notice are:

    1) Doesn't hook hede, doesn't slow down the system
    2) Speeds up my Snappermail because I archive all old mail on card. It use to take maybe 1 sec to pull up an old email, now it is much faster.
    3) Picture thumbs in the pictures app seem to be loading much faster, almost like it doesn't need to load. 680 loads pics and thumbs pretty fast, but now it's faster.

    Basically, anything that has to do with the SD supposedly will be sped up. I think so far, that has been the case. I haven't used this app long enough to comment on the stability, but so far so good.
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    I seems to work but nothing terribly dramatic in terms of speed. I guess if you test it with VFS mark or something similar, you will get the stats to confirm it. But for me, although some apps take a slight split second faster with it enabled, it wasn't that dramatic. In my view, it wasn't worth the money so I removed it shortly after trying it for a few hours. But that's just my experience. I'm sure others will disagree with me.
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    Perhaps this speed up tomtom 6 on treo 680.

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