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    I thought I'd throw this one out there and see what comes back. I'm on my 3rd refurbished 650 from Verizon this week. The latest issue is WEB. I click the button and get a bright white lit screen--nothing else. This will hold for 30 minutes without going away or until I soft reset. Nothing new has been added to the phone in over 18 months. Verizon and palm cannot explain the problem. When I hard reset and restore factory settings, I have web again. But upon syncing back all my apps, no more web. They think its one of my apps but as I said, this problem has never occured in over a year and a half and nothing new is on the phone. Any suggestions before I go for refurbished #4? Thanks
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    Do a hard reset, rename your backup folder, re-install your applications. it must be a software issue if it works after a hard reset.
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    Before a hard reset, you can try deleting all of the blazer files from RAM (they will be recreated in default state when you launch Blazer). Corrupt cache, cookies, etc. can cause the behavior you describe. Use FileZ (of a similar file manager) and delete everything with a creator ID of BLZ4 or BLZ5 (NOTE you will lose cookies, autofill, etc.)

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