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    Does anyone have a 680 on Vodafone (UK) that uses Blackberry Connect without any trouble?

    I'd welcome your comments regarding ease of software installation and general compatibility. I recently have a corporate Blacberry, but it is such a brick that I cannot get used to it at all so I want to bring my 680 into play - but only if it works well, otherwise I will suffer the expense and buy a Blackberry Curve maybe.

    Thanks, Hal
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    I've used it successfully, ableit with AT&T (Cingular) with no problems... even though my company doesn't officially support it, I convinced the company to set it up and give me an account as a beta user. . It's the greatest and a smaller footprint than Good. Always get my emails.

    My only issue was that if I delete the default Versamail account, I lost my BBC service books. After I reinstalled, however all is well.

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