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    What car mounts are the best for the 680? Price and usability are my two concerns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by braj View Post
    What car mounts are the best for the 680? Price and usability are my two concerns.
    I love my Arkon floor mount holder. Check out
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    Expensive, but it's the best available
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    Another vote for Proclips. Happy user for over 2 years.
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    another vote for proclip. i posted pics of my pro-clip mount with my treo in another forum here...
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    with all the votes for Proclip I have to chime in as I can lessen the cost burden for you, a good 15-18%. They make the best OEM looking products, and I've worked with them for years now since I got them into the holster business (which is pretty much defunct now). Any questions, drop me an email at crogs571@yahoo.
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    I have both. I prefer the Akron with the suction mount--it gloms onto ANYTHING and I go from one rental car to another, and once I suck it on, it's like the car is customized to me in an instant.
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    I had no luck using Proclip in my old Honda. there's a company called Pro-fit makes a different sort of holder (bracket that goes into the radio well) which works very well for me.
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    I have a bracketron mount in my truck. Circuit City carries the mount (was about $80 installed) and Best Buy had the cradle (about $10, and 5 minutes or so to attach to the bracket).

    It works great. The only drawback is they don't make them for every car yet...

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