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    Its funny how Palm killed Newton.. Maybe its time for the Empire Striking Back via the Iphone which could be step one. I agree its rediculous. Would be nice for Apple with its "Brand Name" to maybe reclaim this market. Dell failed, Sony had a potential chance if they made a phone module for their PalmOS PDAs.
    Yeah, I was a big Clie user until they went under. They almost had it except for all that proprietary stuff, especially in the form of software -- the cool hardware could have been so much cooler if it had been accessible to developers like Palm's was. And they had an inexplicable aversion to releasing a Bluetooth device in the U.S., but I did manage to get an imported European version of the TH55, which was cool.
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    I think Apple targeted the masses with the iPhone by repackaging basic features in a new and exciting way. It's working for them so far. What I lament is this supposed 5-year exclusivity agreement they have with AT&T. Even if they introduce a real SmartPhone/PDA, or incorporate those capabilities into the iPhone, I will never buy one if I can only get it on AT&T. They are the evil empire of cell phone companies, never to get another dime of my money.

    The other part of this whole 700p fiasco is that the PalmOS is an outdated operating system that is, for all intents and purposes, obsolete. I think anyone who buys into PalmOS-based equipment is buying into inevitable abandonment, whereas Windows Mobile is going strong and will be a very able and viable operating system for years to come.

    I would recommend that people stay away from any PalmOS unit, including the 755, and stick with the Windows Mobile flavor of Palm PDAs. You may have to learn to do things a little bit differently, but there is a lot more third party software development for Windows Mobile that is simply not there for PalmOS. Once you get accustomed to Windows Mobile, it's a dream to use compared to POS.
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    I didn't read thru everything here, but I find this absolutely interesting. I bought my 700p back on July 22nd and started to experience the SMS freeze-up. I had version 1.06 installed, and started reading about the 1.10 update and all the problems people were having. I called PALM and they assured me that the 1.10 update was safe. I updated! Then just a few days later, Palm takes down the update! However, I haven't had any problems with my 700p since I updated, but get scared reading about all this anyway.
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