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    OK, this has happened maybe 4-5 times post MR (Sprint, applied MR when initially released) and I haven't really troubleshot with any real discipline yet but here's what's happening:

    Have some random/spontaneous resets that upon reset, my wallpapers, favorites and the like are gone and some sounds have defaulted to the first sound in my sounds list. I believe it's just system alarm sounds and such that change, but will do a full check the next occurence. The last time this happened ##377# showed Web as the application, the time before it was Chatter. I'm able to restore from NV Backup just fine and can go days before I notice that it's happened again (I use Treo Launcher for launcher and that selection for default also goes away)

    Don't think this is related, but phone will always hang then reset if I try and hotsync while having very poor or no signal (which is the case in my office); PITA, but I simply turn radio off and am able to sync just fine. This started most MR and is repeatable.

    Anyone else seeing either of these issues? I have yet to call Sprint...

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    This just happened to me overnight. Restoring Saved Preferences from backup did not solve the problem. Haven't had this problem for a long time, strange that it pops up less than a week after the MR.

    [EDIT] Wow, even a full restore from NVBackup's daily backup didn't fix it. PITA.
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