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    Please help. I was Bluetooth activesyncing a few days ago. Then I installed the treo700wx 1.22 update, hard reset my phone and did some other things on computer...long story short I can bluetooth A.S. anymore.

    I'm running a Dell laptop with their Broadcom 355 bluetooth module and their widcomm software, treo 700wx, AS4.5...

    The problem is whenever I try to add a new com port to my bluetooth setup on my pc it starts at 11 and keeps going up. I need it to be lower, 0-9.

    I've uninstalled, AS, widcomm, and reinstall numerous times. I found this;en-us;315539

    but it doesn't show anything.

    I've messed around with some of the registry entries found here,
    but deleting the keys they mention there, removes serial com port functionality completely.

    So I am at a loss.

    I figured this out once before, last year, but I can't today. Can some one please help me make widcomm reset the port numbering?
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    Over 50 views and nobody. Can anybody help me?
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    have you tried to go into hardware profiles and deleting the virtual serial com ports youve created?
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    I'm not to sure what you mean by Hardware profiles....I've gone into the device manager by right clicking on My computer and selecting properties and uninstalling all com ports that I find. I've also gone into the bluetooth software control panels and uninstalled all com ports there too. But when I go to install a new com port it starts numbering where it left off.

    Thanks for replying and hopefully someone can help me.
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    If you go into your bluetooth icon in your systray and rt click on it and go to advanced configuration.

    Pull that up and go to local services. You should see your ports there. You should also be able to delete any of those ports that you see. Then create a new one. There might be a problem here tho because it wont allow you to custom number that port it does it for you automatically. However if youre trying to hotsync, it shouldnt matter the port number as long as you select the corresponding number to that newly created virtual port.

    I hope I was clear and I hope it helps.

    I just did this today btw. I had over time created 2 different ports (com ports 6 and 10) and for whatever reason the hotsync setup would choose a different port from time to time. It was weird. So I deleted all of those ports and created a new one (com port 11)
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    But for Active Sync and Windows Mobile Devices I need lower Com Port Numbers.

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