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    Does anyone know if it is bad for the battery to leave the phone charging all day while I'm at work? Thanks in advance.
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    You mean you don't use it at work? hmmm....

    From what I've read, Lithium batteries like being fully charged. Battery technology has advanced to the point where constant charging will not hurt the battery. It is a good idea though to run down the battery once in a while to condition it.

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    I use my Treo at work, but not for work! It keeps me entertained so that I can keep on working! Then it keeps me connected outside of work!
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    Does anyone know if it is bad for the battery to leave the phone charging all day while I'm at work? Thanks in advance.
    I;ve been doing this for years with Treos and iPods and have never had any battery problems. As others have mentioned, it's better to keep them topped-off.
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    fully charged as allowable and drained once a month.
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    LiOn batteries last longer when kept cool - that is the #1 issue for longevity other than maybe the quality of the materials used to make the battery.

    That said, if you keep it on the charger all the time (keeping the battery topped off) might work to your advantage - because you are likely to not run the battery as far down when you do take it off the charger, and less heat will be generated because the battery doesn't have to charge as long when you put it back on the charger.

    The only advantage in draining a LiOn all the way is to calibrate the "battery life" meter. You must be careful, however, not to drain it all the way. If you do, there is a chance that it will never take a charge again.

    If you have a couple of LiOn batteries and you DO NOT swap them out of your phone frequently, it might be a good idea to charge or discharge the one you're not using to about 40% and store it in a ziplock in your refrigerator while not in use - that will help extend its life.

    The average life of a LiON battery under the best conditions is about 3 years. It does not matter how often you charge or discharge it, as long as you don't overheat it and don't let it drain down to the point there is no charge left in it at all.

    That said, the LiON battery in my laptop is nearing 4 years and I still get a good 2 hours out of it. Almost every day the laptop sits in standby mode in my briefcase and at night is on the charger.

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