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    I have been using Chatter just fine for a few months now on my Treo 680. (I previously had used it on a Treo 600.) I have it connecting to one IMAP server I run, and another MS Exchange (using IMAP) server maintained by my work.

    Just the other day I realized that my battery had lost over half of its charge in a few hours. I turned off Chatter since that is the only culprit for things like that. Eventually the battery went dead before I got home. It wasn't until the next day that I took a look and realized that the Exchange IMAP connection was doing the "login...", connecting for a few seconds and then "login...", in a long loop.

    This happens even if I tell Chatter to do a one-time sync. And there still seems to be no problem with my other IMAP mailbox.

    Does anyone know how to check the logs? I used to know how, but I don't recall.
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    Hey, Sim.

    There are logging instructions at


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