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    Is version #60608 the latest PRL for Sprint? I am asking, because it is the version that was on the phone when I got it. And it has been out for 2-3 months, and Sprint usually has newer versions more often then that.
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    I'm even more confused. My PRL is 20225, and according to a search (search is your friend) the latest is 20227. Where are you seeing 60608?

    Try this. From the phone screen, press menu / options / phone info. The press down on the 5-way. You should see PRL Rev: nnnnn

    Is that number 60608?
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    the prl 60608 is the current version for the treo 755p.
    do a search of this board and you will see a thread about it. from my understanding there are to current version one for the 755p which starts with a 6 and the other treo's starting with a 2 .
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    60608 is the latest....for 755.
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    There's more info. here about the differences between the 2xxxx series and 6xxxx series PRLs:

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