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    As I was driving across the country recently on a vacation, and using my 700p and Tom Tom navigation software, I thought it would be cool if there were a way for the Treo to upload a navigation point to a web server and then display it on a map which was accessible via a web browser.

    The app. I have in mind would upload every "x" seconds (user specified), allowing family members (or anyone else) to view a traveller's progress as she/he drives across country (or sails, or flies, or whatever).

    Does anything like this exist? If not, does it seem like something that could? GPS is great since you can track your own movement, but it'd be neat if others could, too.
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    It does on WM.

    The PDA tracker is the latest product from 3dtracking. The required application is loaded onto a Windows Mobile PDA which then, through a GPS receiver, records information related to location, speed and altitude of the PDA carrier. This information is then sent back to 3dtracking so that a full account of the PDA carrier's travels is available in the user's online account.

    If the PDA is SIM-enabled (such as the iMate or MDA range of PDA's), then the application can be used for live tracking of the PDA. By selecting the Live Tracking option, the PDA carrier can be followed in real-time through the web-based tracking interface.

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    Telus has kidfind, which works for the 700p, its accurate to your "Street name".. sometimes not.

    but you have to add the kidfind to other Telus members, I don't think outsiders can access your current agps location.

    The ##LOCATION doesn't show anything.
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