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    Is anyone familiar with RadioTimer or a similar type of application? I'm trying to find a way to turn off my radio at night or during flights. So far, I have noticed that my battery stays charged longer when I periodically turn off the radio. I have no need to keep the radio on while I'm sleeping. My previous phone, Blackberry, had a nice feature where you could activate the phone during certain hours. I know that ChatterMail has a similar feature where you can set the time span when the application checks for new emails. I came across RadioTimer, but I'm not sure if there is something better out there. I also found Phone Technician, which also seems like a good utility.
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    How about "Profiles" ...or even "TreoPref"? (both are free)
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    Thanks. I tried Radio Scheduler, by same person who developed the Radio Timer, and the utility works great. Some of the other tools, like Profiles, seems a little to confusing. This tool was super easy to setup and works great. I think Phone Technician is probably another good one, but I really don't need the extra tools, like the MP3 Player, etc.

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