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    Just received my SPE Snapcase for my 755 and I really like the design and construction. But it would be nice to be able to have a holster or other type of case that I could use to wear it (in the case) on my belt for times when I don't want to put it in my pocket. It looks like SPE only has holsters for their skin case and the others are meant for a unskinned Treo. That is except for the Seidio Hold 'N Store holster that is for their crystal and skinned cases. I have a crystal case for my 650 that I got on eBay that had the nice option of a screw-in button that could be used for a belt clip, but I can't seem to find anything like that for the 755 yet.

    Has anyone found a case that can fit the Treo and Snapcase in it at the same time? Or can the Seidio one work with this case even though it isn't their crystal case?

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    I love my snap case. Smart phone experts are you listening? We need a holster for your snap case.....

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    Little follow-up. I took a chance and ordered the Seidio Hold 'N Store holster and it looks like it works just fine with the SPE case. It holds the case nice and tight and seems like a perfect fit.

    One thing of note. Since it has a handy SD holder built into it I figured I would use it to carry my micro-SD converter in the case so I'd always have it with me. But with it inserted I noticed that the slot (where the microSD card goes) was warped a little bit. Not sure if it would cause any damage to the adapter or a real SD card, but it is something to note.
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