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    Hello everyone, I have a Sprint Treo 700P. I have the internet service and use it to access my email and other things.

    I would like to setup my laptop to use the internet connection on my Treo. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so what are the steps required. I have a Dell latitude D820 with bluetooth. I would like to use my bluetooth for the phone connection to the internet.
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    Sprint Connection Manager $40 a month. PDAnet 30 some bucks, one time fee. The connection manager should be on your cd. is where you will find pdanet. I'm assuming you have Sprint. PDAnet will work on either.
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    Or, do a search for DUN hack. Someone hacked the file to turn the flag off that allows or stops DUN on a 700P.

    Its free. Its more user intensive to set up but its free.
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    Actually look at the top of this forum (700P) and see the sticky: "tethered mode hack"

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