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    The new 3rd Edition is out-and lately I've been interested in purchasing a Bluetooth GPS solution for my 700p.

    I have been holding out for a GPS receiver w/BlueTooth that uses standard AA or AAA batteries (I hate chargers), but no luck in finding any, so I'm beginning to give up on that.

    However, this new PalmŪ GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition 3 software is selling at a very good price ($169 after rebates) - and the package looks good.

    But questions:
    1. is the bundled GPS receiver any good?
    2. does the bundled GPS receiver use a Treo-style power brick or does it require a separate one, or is it USB-chargeable?
    3. is the package worth the money, or would I be better off purchasing a different GPS receiver and the software separately?
    4. I have heard that you can use a BT headset and the BT GPS with the TomTom 6 software...can you talk on the phone and be using the GPS simultaneously or does it mean that you just don't lose pairing when using each separately?

    Thanks for your input!!

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    I used my TomTom Navigator 5 with the 700p and loved it, now I have the 755p and I still love it.
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    I have the 755 and have not used it yet with my DeLorme BlueLogger GPS and Mapopolis mapping software. I had a 650, and it worked well with that GPS/software combo. I was not able to use both GPS and headset at the same time, as I believe the 650 could only use 1 bluetooth device at a time. (I think that is also true for the 755, and other Treos, but have not tried it yet.) I'd also be interested in mapping software and BT GPS that could be used simultaneously, especially since Mapopolis is no longer being updated or supported.

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