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    Have my Motorola H700 bluetooth headset that has worked w/ my Treo 650 & my Treo 700p (which I had for 2 mnths). Last week updated my 700p software from the original v1.06 to the new v1.10 - and surprisingly the software that's supposed to include bluetooth enhancements doesn't pair up the two devices now! Palm & Verizon thought it was a hardware issue, so they literally gave me a new 700p. Sounds great, but even with this phone the headset doesn't pair up (even though it mentions in the bluetooth app it's a "trusted device") Anyone had similar prob's w/ the new software v1.10 - neither Palm or Verizon can come up w/ solution or willing to take responsibility...some upgrade - may go back to my 650 that didn't give me a single prob in 2yrs....
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    I've noticed that there are many times when my Motorola H3 would look paired, but the voice didn't transmit. The headset would answer calls and hang up, but no sound. I think this might be associated with a low battery level. Try rebooting the Treo (button on back), fully charge the headset and try pairing again.
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    I have not experienced any (new) issues with my TWH, H500 or HF800. My HT820's + SAG have been exhibiting a new performance problem. Deleting & reestablishing the BT device (twice) resolved the issue as of last night.
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