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    Tonight I was officially out of my 2 year contract on my 700p. Many people would leave Sprint right there and head off for an iPhone or something else. But I actually headed over to the SERO site and got a new 755 for about 75 dollars with a cheap SERO plan going forward. All it took was one call to CS, then straight to the SERO is how it works...

    In the Sprint terms and conditions it states:
    “If we change a material term of the Agreement and that change has a material adverse effect on you, you may terminate the Agreement without an early termination fee by calling 1-888-211-4727 within 30 days after
    the invoice date of the first invoice you receive after the changes go into effect.”

    Well fortunately for us, Sprint is raising the price of roaming from .50cents per minute to .69cents effective August 1st.
    A new 19 cent Sprint roaming rate increase means customers can cancel contract without early termination fee, as long as they meet these conditions:

    1. Your plan must not include roaming.
    2. You must call within 30 days of the rate change. (I called tonight, 2 weeks BEFORE the rate change and it still worked)
    3. You must specifically cite the roaming rate change being a material adverse change of contract as the reason for cancellation.
    4. You must not pay your bill that reflects the new rates until AFTER requesting cancellation
    5. If they offer you a grandfathered roaming rate or free roaming attached to your plan, you must refuse.
    6. If the rep is poorly trained and wants to hot-potato you to a supervsor rather than transfer you to account services, you must insist that you want to cancel service despite any potential fees so the rep gets you to the group that actually knows the correct procedures.

    This is not a scam, but a legal obligation Sprint has to anyone who wants out of their contract.
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    Oh btw, does anyone want to buy a slightly used 700p? (Recently replaced by Sprint about 3 weeks ago)
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    If I can pickup in Toronto I can buy it. I want to get some Sprint phone to research on something.
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    How much for the Treo. BTW, do you still have it?
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    Anyone else try getting out of contract this way? A 38% increase should qualify as material.
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    I read on that they are also raising the cost of overage and casual text messages to $.20. Of course, I'm sure they'd strike that clause in favor of loyalty, just as they did when the price was raised from $.10.

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